YEAR: 2019
LOCATION: San Pietroburgo, Russia
FLOOR AREA: 600 mq

CLIENT: Exclusiva Design


The Gazprom Neft Downstream Efficiency Control Center is an extraordinary example of perfect combination between technology and aesthetics. Everything is special there: spaces, colors, lightings, shapes and accessibility as well.

We organized the space in two main open spaces work environment. In the first one we proposed a custom made desk which can be combined with the others in always original configurations. Each work space is organized in order to assure peace and privacy. In the second space, dedicated to special analysis, the desks are organized in parallel lines, on different levels in order to enjoy a perfect point of view on the big led screens on the walls.

The centerpiece of the office is the oval volume of the multimedia room, inside which there is a high definition projection screen  for the most important and reserved presentations.

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo
DESIGN TEAM LEADER: Valeria Paganini, Maila Evangelista
DESIGN TEAM: Olsi Dani, Gianluca Bilotta, Flavia Fefè, Fabio Pistilli, Maria Elena Crescini, Maria Lipilina, Alessandra Precenzano
OPERATIONS: Gabriella Brignone, Massimo Gambaccini, Marta Floriano Millan